You’ve probably noticed over the years that I’m not a big fan of talking about my own finances.I have close friends and family who read this blog and as they don’t share their current wealth with me (I don’t really want to know), I would rather not share mine with them.

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Long-time readers may know a little about Dave already, but those who haven’t been here quite so long may have never have heard his name before.

That’s because Dave does pretty much all he can to avoid the limelight.

Ironically, he was more than happy to put his name on the headline of this article.

And just in case you think I’m making this whole thing up, here’s Dave’s name on the Viper Chill ‘About page’ back in August of 2006. Now I believe the standard way to go about conducting a case study is to ask the subject questions about their story, get their answers, and compile it into a polished, compelling report.

You really liked using capital letters at the start of words, Dave. Yet for this case study, I’m not going to ask Dave a thing.

I spent almost all of the first 18 years of my life with Dave – though we drifted apart over the last few years – and honestly think I know more about his story than he does.So my first disclaimer is that Dave had absolutely nothing to do with this article besides the approval for his name to be in the headline.As a second disclaimer, if you’re still doubting the current direction you’re taking online, this article could possibly ruin your life forever.I’m not saying that to be dramatic or even increase your curiosity in what I’m about to say. When I learned what Dave now knows I ditched 90% of my online projects, carved out a new opportunity for myself online and I too now make more money than I ever thought possible.I would almost be shocked if at least two of those three things didn’t happen for you after reading this.If you’re a skim-reader than don’t worry, it will likely only happen to those who read every word. I could talk forever about the entire history of Viper Chill but for the sake of trying to keep things brief, the business was a very unsuccessful venture (financially) for many years. They say hindsight is 20/20 and while it was far from clear back then, it couldn’t be more obvious now: Dave’s biggest mistake in running Viper Chill as a business was the wrong assumption that he needed to appear to be something he was not.