But author Peggy Orenstein says, particularly with daughters, it’s more important than ever.

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That may sound simple, but every day people call to complain that their calculations don’t match those of the Virginia Department of Corrections.

Sandy Hausman reports: With incumbent Congressman Robert Hurt stepping down, one of the largest districts in the state is now up for grabs.

Candidates Jane Ditmar and Tom Garett met this week for the first in a series of debates.

Virginia may have three open congressional seats this year, but the races aren’t all that contested. So what do the campaign finance numbers have to say about the congressional races this year?

Some of the largest campaign war chests are being assembled in some of the safest seats in Virginia. The Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine has graduated just three classes yet has become so respected that a record number of hopefuls--4600-- applied for just 42 student openings to start this year. Aubrey Knight is associate dean for student affairs, "We are one of the smallest schools in the country.

Take Congressman Gerry Connolly, the Democrat from Northern Virginia. We're small by design based on our curriculum and what we call our distinctives.It’s always been hard for parents to talk to their kids about sex.A key government program that provides free breakfast and lunch to low-income children may be adding to the problem of child-obesity. is often called, the ‘world’s police force’ for its role in geo-politics.A study at Virginia Tech has found a correlation between participating in the meals programs and a higher body mass index among school children. But it also plays a vital part in international economic development ---at a cost that’s much lower than many people think.A program created fifty-five years ago succeeded in cutting world poverty in half since then, with the help of the best and brightest ideas from American Colleges and Universities. E-cigarettes have solved the problem of second hand smoke, allowing people to consume tobacco without imposing on others.Now, police say those so-called vaporizers or vape pens have created a new problem for them-people smoking illegal drugs in public without being detected.