The best move he has learned on "Dancing With the Stars" might be moving on.David Arquette, who split with his wife of 11 years, Courteney Cox, last year, has found a new love. I like someone that makes me feel good and that I can make feel good."Arquette met Mc Larty, who was previously linked to Girls Gone Wild honcho Joe Francis, at a party over the summer and despite their busy schedules the two have made their relationship a priority. H'WOOD COUPLES WHO HAVE SPLIT"We try to see each other as much as possible," Arquette told Stern.On Wednesday, Arquette, 40, admitted on "The Howard Stern Show" that he's head over heels for "Entertainment Tonight" reporter Christina Mc Larty. Mc Larty should take note of how well-regarded her new beau is by his ex.

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Though they've yet to officially divorce, Arquette told Stern they were in "the friend zone," and Cox has appeared, along with the pair's 7-year-old daughter Coco, at both of Arquette's "DWTS" performances.

, Cox, 51, and Perry, 46, have been getting even closer since her split last month, despite the actress' rep denying any such romance is going on.

"Matthew was one of the first people she called when Johnny left, and Rumors swirled about the possible romance last week, with claims the two had hooked up after Cox became a single woman again, though the reports were quickly denied.

This is the tweet that sparked the whole ‘Are Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox dating? It set the internet on fire with the idea that a real life Monica and Chandler could be happening. A source has also claimed the rumours are ‘untrue’, according to Entertainment Tonight. It is true though that they have both newly become single, with Courteney Cox calling off her engagement to Johnny Mc Daid and Matthew Perry calling time on his relationship with Lizzy Caplan.

If Monica and Chandler end up together in real life I'll believe in love forever.

David Arquette's told us in the past that he and estranged wife Courteney Cox can see other people, and it looks like that wasn't just talk. Online reports that Arquette revealed the identity of his new girlfriend on Howard Stern’s Sirius show: "Entertainment Tonight" reporter Christina Mc Larty.

The 40-year-old told listeners Wednesday that he and Cox have moved into "the friend zone," opening him up to see “someone new.” The pair split last October after 11 years of marriage.

The most beautiful telly love affair of the last 20 years saw the couple get together at Monica’s brother Ross’ wedding, hide their relationship for six months, nearly get married on a whim in Vegas and end up moving away from the iconic purple flat to adopt twins together. But sadly, that doesn’t mean that a real life Monica and Chandler is going to happen.

Courteney’s wedding band can be seen on her finger as she was married to David Arquette at the time.

Breaking our little hearts, it’s turned out the image taken of them sharing that cosy little lunch was taken 10 YEARS ago, so not recently, and therefore isn’t evidence the pair are hooking up.

(We can but hope.) But there are a lot of people hoping that maybe, just maybe this could happen. Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry are rumored to be dating.