These guys know the score (literally) and pre-screening, you’ll find them vying for alpha filmophile status with competitive trivia exchanges over their G&Ts.Our most serious movie-goers flock to our art-house indie films so they can nod along sagely in all the right places.

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Suitably tanked up, however, a low-slung deckchair and a cosy blanket can prove a feat too far for our drunken friends.

They’re still out cold as the credits roll, catching some z’s under the stars.

As movie-obsessives ourselves, it’s no surprise we attract our share of fellow Film Buffs with our artfully assembled programmes.

At Rooftop Film Club, we’re nothing without our film-loving guests.

But, it has to be said, our unique urban environments draw an equally unique array of characters. So whether you’re new to the club, or have been before and very likely see yourself in one of these, join us as we take a closer look at some of our favourite rooftop revellers.

Perhaps our most commonly spotted rooftop reveller: the Top Gun fan.

These bros (and honorary bros) move about in packs, and if their aviators didn’t give them away, the frequent displays of high fives and fist pumps certainly will.

Arguably the best action flick of the ’80s offers up the ideal opportunity for impromptu serenades and, when not howling along, this group tends to communicate solely in quotes – after all, Maverick and Iceman were the original LADS.

A fine spot to observe the dating dance of the 20-somethings, our rooftop cinemas see many a coy couple embark upon that oldest of romantic ritual: the First Date.