What I never thought was in question was that guys like sexy, gorgeous girls.Even in my article, in which I talked about how a girl who is beautiful, smart, and fun to hang out with is the holy grail of women, I took “beautiful” as the obvious component. But yet again, my faith in humanity has been knocked down a peg.Ask Men UK decided to write out what they consider The 10 Pitfalls Of Dating A Beautiful Woman and as you can expect from the title, it is ridiculous. Guys, If any one of these ten goes through your head, you should probably go get checked for low T.

Let me cut through the bullshit and clear this up for you.

If your girl is hot, of course other guys are going to want to and every now and then attempt to sleep with her. You sack up and trust your lady to rebuff his efforts. If you’re going to be this timid, someone needs to wear the pants in the relationship.

Trust me, beautiful women learned at a young age how to turn down guys. If your girl is hot she probably also has a healthy level of confidence. Insecurity is awful no matter what, and honestly, the girls without the ego are the ones more likely to cheat or be an attention whore. Assuming you even have any with this attitude, who cares? Your happiness shouldn’t depend on other peoples’ perceptions of you.

As far as becoming jealous or possessive, being easily manipulated, not trusting her, not being noticed in her presence, and staying with her for the wrong reasons, just stop.

A few days ago, I wrote 5 Benefits Of Having A Smart And Successful Wife, and it seemed to resonate well with people.

Apparently too many guys out there seem intimidated by smart and successful women, as if their partner’s achievements make their intelligence or accomplishments somehow less important in comparison.

It’s pretty pathetic, if you ask me, and it definitely is another sign of the increase in “beta male” acceptance in today’s society.

If a whiny boy from Canada can become as rich and popular as Drake has, you know we have a problem.

These are problems with you, buddy, not her level of attractiveness. It’s bad enough that so many guys are afraid enough of smart and successful ladies that my previous article, which should have been common sense, went viral.

(Almost entirely by women too, if you need further proof.) Now men are afraid of attractive women too?

I’m more afraid what I’m going to stumble upon next.