After she's opened up, put your sleeve on your penis.

You can start the stretching-out process with extensive foreplay using your finger. Her vagina should be able to swallow the dildo to the hilt with just a few minutes of foreplay.

Part of preparing your wife for Date Night is getting her pussy used to having a larger cock inside it. Slowly insert more, slowly pumping it in and to relax the muscles. By the end of a week, you should notice a big difference in how quickly her whole cunt accommodates all of the rubber cock.

These same aids are often used to learn how to have G-spot orgasms - those are the wet and messy squirting kind. Work the tip in slowly, letting her body get accustomed to its girth. First time around don't put the dong all the way inside - stop about half way through. You may be surprised she's able to get more in, and quicker, because she knows just what her body wants and needs.

She can be and you'll find plenty of information on the idea, and suggested exercise routines. In addition to Kegel exercises your wife can perform while she's standing, sitting, or even driving, there are some vagina muscle toning aids she can use to help her develop a stronger pussy. To complete the job you also need to get her a substantial rubber dildo, which will work and gently stretch the muscles throughout her pelvic and vaginal area. Start with initial foreplay using just your fingers and some lube. Now apply some more lube directly inside her vagina, and more onto the shaft of the dong. Give her extra time by herself where she can explore her body, and stuff the dildo in her pussy at whatever pace she wants.

Toning makes her pussy stronger, pliable, and better able to take different sizes of cock. Your wife may be hungering for big dick, but you don't want her to eat it too fast!

Unlike muscle in the rest of the body, those in your wife's pelvic region aren't exercised nearly as much. The muscles in her pelvic floor need conditioning and exercising in order to tone them up.

Your wife's vagina is composed of highly elastic tissue, surrounded by a web of muscles. Women complain about being "too tight" or "too loose," and the problem is often the same for both:.

You want the moment your wife's new boyfriend slides his big penis into her to be pure bliss, without any discomfort.

It is your responsibility to make sure her pussy is ready for her larger lover.