You're actually more well rounded from your experiences now and have more to offer a new man.

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Your dating can begin when they are comfortable in the presence of your new friend..

Get Ready For The First Date You're eventually going to find someone that sparks your interest and you're going to go out on a date.

And it’s important to get yourself prepared for that first date, both mentally and physically. Avoid bringing your baggage from your divorce with you on your date.

Talk to them about dating when you feel they are ready to accept another man in your life.

You can tell your children that you're looking for someone who can make you happy.

If you don’t feel they are ready, let them know you are making new friends that they can meet when you are sure you have a good friendship.

When they do meet your good friend, you can tell them he makes you happy.

Experiencing a divorce can be a difficult time for men and women but going through a divorce doesn't mean your life is over.

You can sit at home feeling depressed and crying or you can take the initiative to start a new life.