If “sources” are to be believed, Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner went on a secret second date!While Kim K’s little sis has publicly denied that she’s anything other than ‘just friends’ with Hazza, the curly-haired Brit told reporters that he they’re somewhat of an item during 1D Day after #Kenry was spotted out at dinner.

Experiencing all of the game will require several re-plays to explore the various tracks.

Do you know enough about dating violence to win a cookie?

First place winning entry 2012 "Dating Dangers1.0" by Ko Ko The first place winner for 2011 was Jean HEHN of Another Kind.

She refers to herself as Harry's "first love." Unfortunately, she's said that she hasn't been in contact with the 1D guy since summer 2010.

Since 2008, Jennifer Ann's Group has sponsored the Life. Game Design Challenge to challenge video game designers and developers to create video games about teen dating violence.

Our goal is to increase awareness about teen dating violence as well as provide educational information to help teens, tweens, and young adults identify and avoid abusive relationships.The 2015 Award-Winning Video Game 'Another Chance' is now available!♥ 2014 Award-winning video games ♥ 2013 Award-winning video games ♥ 2012 video game to prevent dating abuse ♥ 2011 video games to stop teen dating violence ♥ 2010 video games to stop dating abuse ♥ 2009 video games to prevent relationship abuse ♥ 2008 winning video games to #stop TDV "What Kind of Monster is Your Boyfriend?" by 99Uno Argentina The first place winner for 2012 is "Dating Dangers1.0" from Ko Ko in Croatia.On the surface, the game is an interactive quiz about dating violence but it becomes quickly apparent that there is something more at play here.As the game evolves from rudimentary quiz to societal critique, the player will be challenged to demonstrate their knowledge of dating violence.