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I was wondering if anyone watched blind date tonight? in my area (not sure if its still on) and I KNOW they had this little porn chick named Catalina on, in fact she said she did porn (she did some Max Hardcore), and on the same show I believe was a British girl named Dawn, she was in a Ben Dover movie, and one of the Buttman goes to England movies.Now that he’s engaged to Princess Love, is Ray J a relationship expert? Deadline reports that the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star is set to host a new dating reality show, Driven to Love, on WE tv.According to Deadline, “In each episode, Ray J will drive a hopeful single around town in an SUV in a search for potential mates.Along the way, Ray J will provide dating advice, present a handful of carefully selected prospects, and supervise dates that take place both inside and outside the vehicle.” Driven to Love is set to premiere in 2016.Besides being a singer and child actor, Ray J cut his teeth on his own dating show, For the Love of Ray J.