Your date may view your chronic lateness as an indication that you're irresponsible or inconsiderate of other people's schedules. Your first date went okay, but you're not sure about asking her out again.If you're too embarrassed to let your date know you're running late, you'll just compound the problem. So you think about it for a day or two, maybe ask a friend what he thinks you should do.If you finally decide to call her three or four days after your date, don't be surprised if she turns you down.

I'd like to keep talking, but I have an early day tomorrow. " Hopefully, your second date will be just as enjoyable. When we'd like to continue seeing someone but our schedule makes it difficult to get together, something's got to give.

At first, we may be okay seeing each other every week or two, but once we start to make a connection we need to build a momentum that propels our relationship forward.

That can only happen if we make the time to date more often, ideally twice or sometimes once a week. Your dating is going so well that you'd like to see each other almost every day.

There are so many ways that timing mistakes can negatively affect a relationship that has promise. Your date will appreciate your text or call apologizing and giving a new ETA.

Waze estimates you won't get there for another hour.

"Oh no," you think to yourself as your car comes to a standstill in traffic 15 minutes before you're supposed to meet your date at a restaurant.

But he or she might not take things in stride if this isn’t the first time you're late.

She may have toyed with the idea of calling you, but was afraid she'd seem pushy or desperate. You felt comfortable right away, and your conversation's been flowing.

Instead, to get past her disappointment she started to think of reasons why you weren't right for each other. If you feel like stretching that after-work cup of coffee or drink into a longer date, remember that both of you may not have eaten since lunch and suggest you both have a light meal.