There is no easy answer to this question - it depends solely on the partners each recogising the other's needs and being able to adapt to them. It is important to realise that when we are born we relate more to our Moon Sign than Sun Sign, the change-over tends to occur in our 30s.So if the Sun Sign Lessons are not compatible, relationships are not likely to last beyond this time.==========================THE FUTURE : SUN IN LEOWith Sun in Leo you are learning how to control the impulsive nature of Fire energy to achieve longer term goals - especially in support of those who have less self confidence, like helping "children" become more self reliant.

This brings a strong self-confidence, so you will tend to become self reliant at an early age.

Weaker people will come to you for help and guidance, and you will be drawn to have your own business because you will not like taking instructions from others.

You are not too good with numbers and routines, so might need some sort of partner to help with this area - such as an accountant.

The key to managing this would be to point to material facts rather than "pie in the sky" opinions or beliefs.

Another point of recognition is that both partners need freedom to explore the world in their own way.

We can see that, left to the Sun Signs alone, there is not likely to be much of a problem.They can both go their own way and meet up when they feel like it. Astrologers consider at least 10 planet positions in a Birth Chart, and the Moon especially has its strong emotional needs. Each person also has to be clear about what their own needs are, and be able to discuss them.OVERVIEWWe first have to note that both are Fire Signs - so we can expect a lot of disagreements.There is a certain simplicity of a personal point of view.Fire on Fire is not necessarily a good thing unless either the individuals have self control to overcome impatience, or they can settle their differences after numerous disagreements. Leo, as the Fixed Fire Sign, is not prone to argue much because "he knows he is right".With the right combination, Leo can supply a certain stability that Sagittarius lacks, and Sagittarius can broaden Leo's horizons and outlook beyond his private kingdom.