Let him know what exactly is creating problems in your life.In other words, discuss the possible or available or understandable reasons of your possible divorce and also the reasons why you don’t want it to happen.

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Of course, your prayers are heard, yet they are not always working at as fast a rate as you’d want them to.

In such situations, you need to take professional help from some expert babaji who knows how supernatural works and how can it have its affects on your life in most positive manner.

Email Address :- [email protected] Number :- +91-9783264583 So, your task will now be to hire such a babaji and tell him your trouble.

Especially, when they are taking place under unwanted situations.

Say, you still love your partner but he or she is not understanding it and wants to separate from you, it can happen.

Or the situation can be still of another kind, in which there is an involvement of some third person who is taking your place away.

Or still some other unwanted reasons can lead to all kinds of troubles that one cannot even imagine.

But it is never too late to understand what your heart is really after.

If it is saying no to divorce and it still wants you to be with your spouse, do not leave that urge unheard.