"No foul language and you had to treat the people and the issues with respect," he says."Those were the only rules." Benzine describes the trip as life-changing.

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Then, after the Oscars, Matt snuck into Jimmy's show under Ben Affleck's coat and, well, Jimmy wasn't super pleased about it.

So, since they have such a dicy, unpleasant (LOL) past, the two recently took a stab at working things out in couples therapy -- for the second time.

On February 11, launched Strike With Me.org, an unusual campaign to raise awareness of a vexing problem that is hard to message: the plight of people who struggle without clean water and working sanitation.

"Statistics like 'every 20 seconds a child dies from a preventable water-borne illness’ are shocking and true. And they don’t want to share them with their friends." But the team has had good luck with humor in the past.

Last Christmas, "Damon Claus for a Cause" got over a million views and gave the team confidence.

And for the last two years, Mc Camon has been tapping popular, and sweetly funny You Tube talent, like Craig Benzine’s Wheezy Waiter (Benzine was a waiter and he has asthma) and the Vlog Brothers—Hank and John Green—and bringing them to tour projects in India and Haiti.He gave them free reign to film and vlog as they saw fit."Of all the issues in the WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) world ," says Gary White, internationally renowned water engineer and cofounder of Water.org, "the sanitation part is the most challenging for people to think about." The campaign itself was a reboot of the traditional public service announcement, designed from the start to take advantage of new media, niche audiences, and the reinforcing loops of distribution that are challenging the hegemony of the one-to-many model of television messaging.Relying on pro bono help from Damon’s entertainment-industry colleagues, You Tube, eight independent video bloggers, and Makers Studio, the team spent in the mid-five figures for the campaign."We could spend million or more and do a traditional PSA and buy a spot at the Super Bowl or the Oscars," says Mike Mc Camon, Water.org’s chief community officer, "or we could spend mid-five figures and access an audience of the same size while giving people a clear, measurable way to get involved." Potty humor seems like a no-brainer for a web video campaign, but not necessarily for a nonprofit."We’ve been experimenting for two years now on how to get people to care—literally give a shit," Damon told me.