In the previous article I covered my favorite Virginias.

Luck that I make it that long, and luck that I don't outlive my cellar.

At the end of the line, cellaring wise, you start looking at your inventory and really second guessing yourself. Man I really should buy another pound or two of this. There must be something to their Va's, so many people love them.

You'll drive yourself nuts, and frankly you'll never achieve perfection because you just can't account for shifts in taste. So here I am at the end of the line, cellaring wise, and I have been checking more than I have for a long time. Me, as a Lat blend smoker I wasn't very enthused about their Lat blends, and tins of Dark Star and Blackwoods Flake didn't do anything for me so I just kind of moved on.

A kind forum member sent me some Mc Clelland samples not too long ago. I lean dramatically to old factory pipes and am not much of an artisan pipe guy.

Part of that is me rationalizing what I can afford, but at the same time I have paid artisan prices for a few of my old factory pipes.

At the end of the day certain old English makes put a spell on me that doesn't wear off, and knowing this I put my money where I know it will keep making me happy after the acquisition.

That, and classic English shapes are anything but dull for me.

They are beautiful objects of utility that hit all my benchmarks; lightweight, shapes that showcase the interpretation of the shape and the grain, and generally excellent smokers.

The slight differences between six different maker's billiards never fail to fascinate and attract me.