The IH/Farmall Super A was an improved version of the A.The biggest change was that the previous Lift-All system was replaced with the new Touch Control hydraulic system.

Roof option with heater made available (made by Sekura). 684 Later Ag tractors were offered with "Super Deluxe Cab" made by Sekura.

Industrial models kept the 248/258/268/278/288 model numbers but had "H pattern gearshift".

IH Doncaster supplied transmissions to the USA (initially Louisville) which were built into tractors with the same model designations as the Doncaster produced tractors. They also supplied transmissions to Kimco in Japan (joint venure IH/Komatsu) who built them into tractors and designed their own four wheel drive axle.

Carr Hill also assembled Lodestar trucks in the mid/late 1960s.

The Wheatley Hall Road factory also produced agricultural crawler tractors BTD5/BTD6/BTD8/BTD20 in red as well as yellow CE bulldozer and loader versions.

Wheatley also produced backhoe loaders (3400/3500/260) and Payloaders H25/500 Payloader/H30/H50 & H65.The 70 Series 2+2 line came with Command Center Cab, 50 Series partial-powershift 18 speed transmission, center drive shaft to transfer case, heavier front axle, 50 Series-style grille and decals.Also some were specifically for US only models (240/250/260/270? This axle was later imported and fitted mainly to 84 series tractors by Doncaster.Designed for traction in paddy field use it proved not to be robust enough to carry the weight when front loaders were fitted.IH Doncaster also supplied transmissions for the Volvo BM T500, 2200, 2204, 22 tractors.Balers were assembled in Liverpool, but this was transferred to Carr Hill Works in Doncaster models were: B46/B47/430/440/435/445.