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Royal Copenhagen has used the three wavy water lines to identify their porcelain since it started in 1775 – Early pieces frequently include a dot in front of the waves.

The mark was not very consistently drawn, often with quite flat waves that look quite rushed- presumably each workman had their own slight variant until about 1820.

Hand drawn lines usually indicate manufacture before 1885. Between 18 the lines are more uniform – either done with a three nib pen or as a print.

From 1889 a circle was added over the lines – inside which was a crown between the curved words Royal Copenhagen. 1890, export ware featured a small crown over tiny waves over the word Denmark (spelled in English) in a circle over three larger waves. Between 18 a variation of the export mark was used without the circle and the tiny waves, however these are easy to spot as this is the only period in which DANMARK, the Danish word for Denmark, was used.

In 1897 until 1922 the words Royal Copenhagen replaced the circle.

Separated with two dots (one each side of the word Royal) the words sit above the three wavy lines.

1923 had two variant marks – one an ornate crown over waves with no text, the other the crown that was used in the post 1923 mark, but over the word Denmark, over the waves.

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