So before focusing on dating etiquette I STRONGLY advice you get to know very well this Bolivian guy and not be naive about his sweet words, sultry vibes or charming smile, please analyze him and only go to bed with him after many weeks and even better some months if you really like him and consider he could be the one, otherwise Bolivian men tend to consider foreign Western girl sluts they can get laid with so easily and then throw to the garbage collector.But to get that they will promise you the Sun and the Moon.Even could throw some pills in your drinks, so be very careful.

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So they may spread STD to their couples and put them in serious risk without feeling any remorse.

Then, if you want a healthy couple to go outdoors, to practice meditation together, to assist you in your spiritual goals or simply to read with you a book, then your Bolivian mate will not be up to the norm, because he will choose to leave home and meet his friends to heavily drink, go to stripears clubs and then return home as nothing would have happened.

Family values, spiritual values, religious faith, cultural hobbies, or whatever it is will not be of great interest to the Bolivian man who will choose to drink instead. About beating women, my former husband hit on me once and before getting married I ended a relationship with a fiance who was a university graduate, thought of himself so highly as he was cultivated man who liked to read a lot but yes, he hit on me more than once and was so entitled about his last names and social position and money that people believing women beaters here belong to low social position are so wrong.

I am an educated divorced Bolivian woman who had the chance to be in long relationships with both Bolivians and foreigners.

Sadly, I will always regret having ended a relationship with my Italian and then my Swedish boyfriend who said they loved me, especially the last one who asked me to live together in Sweden after finishing studying my master degree in Europe.

But I came back to my country and married a Bolivian guy whom I divorced a few years after.So I know well how my fellow countrymen behave when dating and marrying.First, there are good Bolivian men, but are so few, a so tiny part of the whole that it would really surprise you how few good, non cheaters, non liers, non heavy drinkers you might find here.Yes, I know a few good men but most are not like that, Bolivian men are not the most handsome, nor the tendernest, sweetest, open minded and healthiest people in world.You may find really better male human beings everywhere that dont feel entitled to the love of more than one women at the same time just because they are men.And yes, most of them feel the more they cheat their wives and girlfriends the more manly they look.