From the makers of the hit detective interactive comics "Zombie Society" comes their new series "Zombie Dating Agency".In this first chapter the zombies now realize that they were feeling something alien to them. Find out more by playing this new game and remember that the outcome of the story relies on how you answer every questions!Hey Everyone- We just released Flash Dating, an i OS app that makes connecting online more authentic, safe, and fun.

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IMO this just seems like a feature that Tinder or other, big dating apps could easily [email protected] the barrier of entry is too great to have someone take a selfie every time they match with someone and want to chat, since they might not feel they look their best. People still match by uploaded photos which can be unauthentic- On flash you have to take a selfie to activate- once activated you can swipe on singles nearby.

They see your real Active Photo or selfie that's up to date, and your other uploaded photos. And two weeks, you're look doesn't change too much.

Plus you can always change it or expire it, not being visible to people other then those you've matched with.

On Flash, a user must take a photo of themselves, called their Active Photo.

Each Active Photo lasts for two weeks, or until you remove or update it.

Once taken, you can begin swiping on people nearby.

This creates a safe and more fun experience, allowing users to judge others by a real, up to date photo (or selfie), plus a few uploaded profile photos 😉 No more spammers, updated photo trickery, zombie profiles, or catfishers!

Flash Dating means that users Active Photo's are in-the-moment, giving users the opportunity to showcase their personality, have fun, and find authentic matches.

Come check out Flash Dating, and join our growing community of "up-to-date" singles. Thanks,- Wills (co-founder)You say "Each Active Photo lasts for two weeks, or until you remove it/update it" - so how is this different to what people can already do? Is this angle a big enough one to attract the large audience needed to make this app takeoff?

What could be an interesting add-on would be if you had to take an 'Active Photo' (Selfie) every time you try and message a match for the first time.

The image can be added to your profile or just shared with the recipient.