I have worked with many women and I have yet to have spoken to a woman who didn’t have it in her to enchant men.You only need to learn how to enter through the gates of your inner enchantress’s imprisoning castle and awaken her, so that you can never again feel alone in love and powerless to men. You feel so comfortable around him, and him around you, that it only makes sense that he would want to take things to another level and fall to his feet with love in his heart.

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If you have ever invested time, energy and deep emotion into a relationship with a man who wouldn’t step up, man-up and give you his commitment, I know exactly how you feel (you can read my story if you scroll down).

I was once, for a long time, like a butterfly net with a huge tear in it; I was lost as to how to hook a man’s interest and keep him involved.

But out of a desperate need to be loved by the man who had my heart, I discovered how to unleash my inner enchantress…What if you could have the profound, easy-come effects on a man that a single, long-stemmed red rose does?

What if you could emit the qualities of a red rose and become so fiercely captivating, enticing, electric and ALIVE with sexuality, sensuality and limitless intrigue, no man would ever bore of you, enchantresses existed to balance a misogynistic society ruled by brutality and force.

Women can look at a man for whom they are not head-over-heels, and say to themselves; “Hey, he’s nice and sweet and funny and he likes me.

That sound like a good place for a relationship to start.” Attraction is everything, but physical chemistry isn’t the answer to long-term attraction.You can be a better lover, and this ebook will show you how to do that, but you can’t use hot sex to attract him in a way that will get him to commit. I guarantee it was men who came up with this type of relationship (it’s more of an arrangement than a relationship) and they did so because they didn’t want to deal with their sexy women “friends” outside of the bedroom.Their Feminine Allure, mixed with their fiercely independent and confident Female Fire colored the Old World with poetry, sensuality and other flavors of female magic.She’s been there inside you during all your embarrassing and painful moments with men: moments of shame and weakness, defeat and resentment.She has been there during the times in your relationship where you felt unheard, unseen, rejected, betrayed, misunderstood and simply “not enough”.confident, magnificent, hauntingly beautiful, multi-faceted—she has the capability to permanently scar the hearts of men and to bring even the bravest and most freedom-loving of the lot to their knees.