Aresty is a Massachusetts international business and e-commerce lawyer who has led the non-profit Internet Bar Organization since 2005.

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We offer three different residence options so every student can make the choice that suits them best. Transco Harriss Hall is the newest addition to CBU’s residence community.

From traditional single style dorms to apartment style set-ups for four, we have the right living situation for everyone. Beautifully designed and well planned, it boasts 111 single rooms, with a mix of private and shared washroom facilities, a 300 seat dining hall and central mailroom that services all on-campus students. Like all other CBU living accommodations, this residence is co-ed; however it is reserved for students in their second year or higher.

The Harriss Hall dining hall is an exciting addition to residence life at CBU.

For others it will be a chance to return to old stomping grounds, but for everyone, residence should be your home away from home.

At CBU we believe living in residence is a right of passage, a way of gaining your dependence in a safe and secure atmosphere.

We also believe that the experience should be as enriching and fun as possible.

With friends just around every corner and over 70 on campus societies there is no room to be bored!

Poverty, environmental disaster, war, anything evil – raises its head when we don’t.

Residence is available on-campus, which includes a meal plan, all utilities and is walking distance to CBU.

There are single rooms or double rooms available, with shared washrooms and laundry facilities.

There is a full buffet style cafeteria in the residence complex and is included in the fees for residence and meal plan. For some students moving into residence will be a new and exciting experience.