Name of the ship : La Boudeuse Type: Three-masted schooner Year of construction: 1916 – Holland Flag: French Home Port: Fécamp Captain: Patrice Franceschi Crew: 26 persons Overall length: 46 meters Width: 7 meters Displacement: 250 tons Draught: 2,70 meters Number of sails: 13 Sail area: 700 m² Vitesse maximum : 14 noeuds Autonomy period at sea: 6 months Engine: Scania DS12 – 1999 – 360cv Generators: 2 ONAN – 24 and 28 kva Diesel reservoirs: 8.000 liters Water reservoir: 2.000 liters + desalinate – 400 liters/hour Fittings: 11 cabins, library area, bar, dining area, office, kitchen, storeroom, cold store, 4 WCs, 4 showers, sauna, etc.

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