We applied for a loan consolidation because she had separate loans through them and couldn't afford the payments.They denied it saying we needed yet another person to cosign in order to get the consolidation with lower payments.She called several times asking for help and they refused; saying she had to bring her loan current before they could offer any help.

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Consolidating loans wells fargo video

I cosigned for my daughter's student loans so she could attend college.

She struggled with depression and had to leave before she completed school.

She obtained a job as a hostess and was paying her student loans every month until she lost her job in March of 2016.

If I could give these awful excuses of human beings zero stars, I certainly would because they're all horrible.

I've spoken to different customer service people for over a year now and they're all just no help.

Seriously, absolutely nobody in this company cares about the lives or well-being of others.I am convinced that if they saw someone set ablaze on the street they would do nothing to help if they didn't get their money.Not to mention the fact that they don't even offer any kind of "payment assistance".Most banks will work with you to come up with a payment that suits you if you're having a difficult financial period, but not these jerks.They tell you they have a payment assistance team and someone will help you out, but they never do. I struggled for six months to get a loan modification and after all the hell they put me through, they STILL rejected it. That entire institution should be shut down and the people working for that company should be punished for how unbelievably rude and unhelpful they are to customers.There's a reason there's a website that is dedicated to complaining about these people - they are the scum of the Earth. PS: Isaac on the payment assistance team is the absolute worst.