The Foreign Service Institute has a varied list of courses The Omniglot intro to languages has a great first overview of many languages, and follows it up with links to courses and other tools for that language.

I’m only interested in sharing a site on this page if it has a genuinely useful 100% free aspect to it (although some of these pages may have paid aspects to them or ads).

If at any time in the future these links become less useful, also let me know and I’ll remove them 😉 Also note that for the purposes of keeping the number of links that can appear on this page under control, I won’t be including any links that focus on just please make a request or do a search in the forums.

I’ll make a separate post later for sharing the best links for specific languages, but until then share your favourites with us in the forums.

For instance, here is a thread about watching videos in French, or here is a long list of links for learning Chinese, this thread shares German links, this one is for Italian, and Dutch here.

When you ask, those in the forum can also point you to other specific language link lists elsewhere online, such as this one for Spanish resources.

Alternatively use the Google search tool on the right, as various posts on this blog share my favourite links specific to one language, such as for Irish. Duolingo – A recent newcomer, run by Luis von Ahn (interview I did with him in Spanish here).

It encourages you to progress in learning languages through gamifying its lessons. At the moment, it offers and more languages are in beta and on the way soon.

The most comprehensive list of courses, communities, exchanges and more.

The great thing about blogging, compared to traditional print media, is that you can update posts as often as you like.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to make this the go-to page for the most comprehensive list of completely free online resources for learning and practising many languages, that you may find online!

I will constantly be coming back to this post to make sure it is up to date with the latest and best links.