The best time to date your professor, if at all, is after you have graduated from school.

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Further guidance on the possible implications of students dating their professors is available on their website.

Teaching assistants cannot have evaluative, supervisory, or instructional authority (including the assignment of grades) over a student with whom the teaching assistant is having or has recently had a romantic or sexual relationship.

If such a relationship exists or has existed between a teaching assistant and a student over whom the teaching assistant has evaluative or supervisory authority, the teaching assistant must report the relationship to his or her department chair, dean, or Dean of The Graduate School.

Learn more about the special rules for teaching assistants and consensual relationships with students.

Across the country this week and next, college students are taking final exams.

Quarters and semesters are coming to an end, and with that, a moment of decision for some with crushes on their professors.

I know this well: each year around this time, my inbox fills up with queries from women (and, much less often, men) who want advice on whether they should ask out their instructors once the term is over.

A few years ago, I started a series at my own blog looking at student crushes through a professor's perspective.

I wrote as someone who'd been on the receiving end of those crushes, particularly when I was a much-younger faculty member in my late 20s.

(Students still get crushes on much older profs, though as far as I can tell in my case, the number began to drop precipitously as I neared 40 and drew close to the age of many of their fathers.) I wrote about the foolish, unethical decision I made early in my career to take advantage of many of those crushes by dating and sleeping with a not-insignificant number of my students.

The fact that these women were only a few years younger than me (and in one instance, three years older) made these affairs no less inexcusable.