Add in the fact that the former WWE Champion is under contract with UFC until at least December, and things are a little tricky.Punk walked out on the WWE in January 2014 and signed on with the MMA promotion that December, all while blasting Vince Mc Mahon, Triple H and anyone he could.

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With all these delays and Punk having years of wear and tear on his body already from wrestling, ditching the Octagon for the squared circle wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Punk is far past the normal age for a UFC debut and the longer he waits, the older he gets.

Wrestling isn't safe by any stretch, the WWE actually has a rash of injuries impacting the card (a void Punk could help fill), but it is at least safer than being locked in a cage with a guy who is legitimately trying to injure you in order to win.

The wrestler-turned-MMA fighter has a lot of haters wishing he'd fall and they'd love nothing more than to see him falter in his debut -- if that ever happens.

If Punk is hell-bent on fighting, he should have one bout and then return to the world of wrestling -- a place where he is almost universally adored.

Lee remained in the WWE for over a year after her real-life husband (then-boyfriend) walked out on the company. Amann on Colt Cabana's podcast, the three-time Divas Champion had no choice but to leave once the physician countered with a lawsuit.

Punk has openly stated he'd be fine with Lee returning to the world of wrestling, but it would likely be a lot easier for her to do so if he also struck a comeback.

Much like we looked at with his wife AJ Lee, here are three reasons why Punk should return.

Punk has yet to enter the Octagon despite being employed by the UFC for over a year.