This form provides two variations of page one, four variations of page two, and four variations of page three, reflecting the variable content requirements in § 1026.37.Description: This is a sample of a completed Loan Estimate for a fixed rate loan.This loan is for the purchase of property at a sale price of $180,000 and has a loan amount of $162,000, a 30- year loan term, a fixed interest rate of 3.875 percent, and a prepayment penalty equal to 2.00 percent of the outstanding principal balance of the loan for the first two years after consummation of the transaction.

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It’s not likely Edens, the current property manager, will have any trouble finding a new tenant.

Please enroll me in the optional [insert name of program], and bill my account the fee of [insert charge for the initial term of coverage].

I understand that enrollment is not required to obtain credit.

The ‘By Design’ furniture and decorating stores Pineville and Charlotte’s South End are having a massive liquidation sale before they go out of business this coming July.

The furniture store By Design is closing its doors in South End and Pineville.

The company is now in the process of selling off its entire inventory of modern furniture, paintings, lighting, and other home design pieces.

They’ve marked every item in both stores at deep discounts.

I also understand that depending on the event, the protection may only temporarily suspend my duty to make minimum payments, not reduce the balance I owe.

I understand that my balance will actually grow during the suspension period as interest continues to accumulate.

Please enroll me in the optional [name of program], and bill my account the fee of 0.00.

Description: This is a blank model Loan Estimate that illustrates the application of the content requirements in § 1026.37.