In fact, a good number of prominent creationists have legitimate -- even noteworthy -- doctoral degrees in scientific fields.For example, Duane Gish earned a doctorate in biochemistry from Berkeley, Steve Austin earned a doctorate in geology from Pennsylvania State University, and Kurt Wise earned his doctorate in paleontology from Harvard while studying under Stephen Jay Gould. degree from Hardin-Simmons University, a Christian school and his undergraduate alma mater (when it was known as Hardin-Simmons College), is merely honorary.So just because a few well-known creationists failed to earn their graduate degrees the traditional way does not mean that all or even most of them did. (Thomas Barnes the creationist is not to be confused with the University of Texas at Austin's Thomas G.

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Barnes, who is an emeritus professor of physics at The University of Texas at El Paso, holds a legitimate M. He has appeared on numerous Christian radio talkshows and was even touted as an "expert" on the 1996 NBC pseudoscience program, The Mysterious Origins of Man.

He operates a small museum out of Glen Rose, Texas.

Baugh is a Baptist minister who claims to be an archeologist with a Ph. from the California Graduate School of Theology in Los Angeles.

This school is unaccredited by the Western Assocation of Schools and Colleges, the primary body responsible for college and university accreditation in the region. degrees in education and anthropology from the Pacific College of Graduate Studies in Melbourne, Australia and the College of Advanced Education in Irving, Texas.

he following is a list of prominent (or once-prominent) creationists whose only doctoral degrees are either honorary or of suspicious origin.

A degree is considered to be of suspicious origin if it was earned from a "degree mill" or an unlocatable institution.

A degree mill is defined as any degree-granting body that is not accredited by a federally recognized accreditation body.

It would be wrong to infer from this list that all creationists have suspicious credentials.

It is also unaccredited by the state of California, although it is listed as "approved". According to Glen Kuban, who has thoroughly researched Baugh's Paluxy "man-track" claims and his credentials, neither Pacific College nor the College of Advanced Education is accredited or authorized by any regional or national body to grant degrees [4].