, its nothing", and how do you pray, how can you pray like that? I know, you will write I am a bad, non-religious person, but it is not true.Can you believe me, that my heart and soul is shouting out to God many many times, but maybe.

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Dear readers, I would really need advice on what to do.

My fiance is Muslim, I on the other hand am Christian.

At first we agreed that we will get married, even if. I know this is not the right choice, but of course his parents were thinking like this because they didn't know me yet. I really love his mother, sadly I still don't know his father yet. 🙁 After I met his mother, she chainged her mind and said to him that we can get married, but we cannot have children unless I become Muslim. I know we would get the children mixed up with two religions.

He also told me he would like me to be with him for eternity.

I have to tell you, that my dream always was, to pray to God with my husband, to have somebody who supports me in spiritual life. On the other hand I cannot change, until I don't believe, this is what he said.

The only thing he doesn't want to accept that I do. I have to tell you a story..might seem silly, but I believe in small miracles, signs, which are made by God. Sunday, so everyone will see me and say, she is a real believer, she is here every Sunday.... If I am a believer, that means I will be good with other people, I will be kind with the beggers, in my job, at home, with my family, and I will be praying..Once he told me he respects me so much, because my faith is so great, he can see how much I love God, and how I appreciate true. My whole life, when I was praying for something, when I was in front of a big decision, somehow I got the answer. Please don't judge me, because all I'm getting is judgements from everybody I know. I am of Protestant religion, which is different from the Catholic, in quite a lot. Sometimes now and in the past also, I was just praying to God to help me forget about the things which separate.Meeting the right people, hearing the exact word, which I was searching for... I told my fiance I will change, but only if I will get my sign. Yesterday he really hurt me, and he said "what do you believe in, what is that? people in religion, and find the things that are the same in all of them.I think your fiancé is right to be cautious in considering marrying a Christian.It is permissible in Islam for a Muslim man to marry a woman from Ahl al-Kitaab, the People of the Book, which is Christians and Jews. In Islam, we marry not just to satisfy the desires of this worldly life, but also to have a companion for our everlasting life in Jannah, Paradise.So it is important to find a mate with the same religious values as we have.