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If you are in Kano and also fancy dating a Hausa lady, you cannot just approach her and spill out some romantic lines and expect her to fall head over – this is not Lagos where such effrontery can be overlooked.

This is why, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 5 things you should know before dating a Hausa girl.

Your chances may be limited if you don’t speak Hausa language Even if you speak Queen’s English and cannot communicate in Hausa, your chances may be limited.

Being able to speak Hausa means that you have successfully maneuvered the first hurdle. Being Muslim puts you in a vantage position Besides speaking Hausa, religion is another key asset northerners consider important.

With this, you will easily break the ice and she will definitely give you attention. Because Islam is the predominant religion in Kano and by extension other parts of the Northern Nigeria, most ladies expect their men to observe this same mode of worship.