If you’re a LDS single, you know the age-old question…when are you going to get married? We all know the hardest part of the whole marriage equation is asking someone out on a first date.It’s scary and yes, you risk rejection, but if that gal or guy has caught your eye across the chapel, then maybe it’s time to take a risk and ask for a date!LDS dating is tricky, but it can also be a lot of fun!

You could have a dessert contest and then sample all of the goods! When it’s time for you, as a LDS single, to take a leap and ask that cute red head out on a date, keep these fun ideas in mind.

You’ll impress your date…and you never know, you may be one step closer to taking yourself completely out of the LDS dating scene.

Beyond the nervousness of a first date, there is always the fear that the date will not be fun.

When you’re with a group of people, you can be silly and have fun.

The pressure of the date is off so you can really see true personalities shining forth.

The old standby of dinner and a movie is, quite frankly, boring.Plus, paying for two dinners and two movie tickets can get really expensive, really quickly. When it comes to LDS dating, you can never go wrong with food! Oaks: A date always contains the 3 p’s: Planned ahead, paid for, and paired off.Take advantage of this already-planned day and turn it into a date.Most firesides have some kind of refreshments or social activity afterwards.This is the perfect time to talk to your date and learn more about her. Young and old LDS singles enjoy a fun and creative group date.You’ve got your spiritual and your social out of the way! Go on a picture scavenger hunt, eat a progressive dinner, or go mini-golfing!