The peg method calmed the cats Mac Pherson worked with "99.9 per cent of the time".

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"He needed to be still for an x-ray but wasn't cooperating so the vet went out to the washing line and got five pegs, placing them on his scruff and he was relaxed instantly," Mac Pherson recalled.

Once the pegs were removed, she said, the cat "reverted back to his grumpy self"."I thought it was brilliant, absolutely, this cat was ready to take anyone on." Cat owners were "absolutely fascinated" by how the pegs calmed their pets, with many getting their camera out to capture the process."They know how normal cats are [when being groomed], they are a little anxious."That's the whole reason we are getting it out there – to make it easier for the cat," Mac Pherson said.

The method did not harm the animal, she said."It's basically putting the same amount of pressure on when their mums pick them up as kittens.

It's just a very calming position."The pegs I've found are quite soft," she said.

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When Chrissy​ Mac Pherson clips a few pegs onto the back of a cat's neck, most of her clients whip out their cameras in amazement.

The Mobile Vet nurse has been pegging cats to calm them down for six years.