I get the want to drink because I feel left out of what they're doing. Sobriety is about more than steering clear of drugs and booze, as I describe in my accompanying blogpost, "The New Recovery." It is built on four pillars: health, home, purpose, and community.

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He has no other recreation with friends other than drinking? What do the two of you do when you go out, or stay home?

They never go to ball games, the movies, go to the beach, throw a frisbee in the park, do any political, charitable, or community work? Does he do anything with his family besides drink with them? Do you share interests and activities and enjoy talking and your time together?

You don't describe anything positive about this man or about being with him, only that you are serious about him.

Dating a dude that's sober (like, full-blown, 12-step kind) can be a challenge.

But even if you can't live without your happy hours, it doesn't have to be a deal-breaker, according to a guy who has sworn off booze. But it's not easy being the soda drinker in a party of two.

He admits while women seem on board with dating someone who doesn't drink, they don't always know what they are getting themselves into."I'm completely comfortable with the person I'm dating drinking, and even drinking around me," Ron says.

But he also confesses that he's not okay with dating a big drinker.

I have been clean off drugs and alcohol for over three years.

I have been dating someone very seriously for almost a year who is a social drinker.

He will go out with friends and all they do is drink and that is the only thing he does.

When he goes out I am sometimes invited and when I go. I wonder if your sobriety is rooted in a substantial and meaningful enough life to allow you to make a serious personal commitment to a relationship.