This is not the first time webcam based chat-rooms have caused concerns in Thailand.The same site, Camfrog, was in the news a few years ago when it was found that youngsters were stripping off for sex chats with strangers.The are also reports that the site has been used by teens to sell drugs.

Whether it’s from watching the extravagant dancing beauties in a cabaret show or even from a personal encounter, a ladyboy has many different names and guises: katoey, transgender, transvestite or cross-dresser - someone who is so feminine on every level that it becomes almost impossible to differentiate a ladyboy from a real girl.

Of course, we don’t mean the obviously masculine-looking ones but the really pretty ones; those who work for airlines, at cosmetic counters in upmarket shopping malls, as stars of cabaret shows or even television celebrities.

'Katoeys' are very well integrated into Thai life and no-one looks down on them...

Before doing so she is believed to have posted messages in the “ghost radio” chat-room to say that she was unhappy that her boyfriend had split up with her.

Thai police are treating the death as suicide based on this information.

The suicide has sparked an outcry in Thailand over the improper use of webcam based chat-rooms.Authorities have been urged by mental health experts to stop any video copies of the suicide from being distributed over the internet to prevent copycat suicides.some girls are even a little envious of their perfect feminine figures and faces...In many cases, it reaches the point where anyone could be fooled. How do you make sure that your pretty new girlfriend isn’t really... A webcam chat-room in Thailand has been shut down after a 24 year old woman broadcast her suicide on the service.The woman hanged herself in front of a webcam broadcasting on the Camfrog internet service.