Depending on the type of ownership, you will need to provide either your social security number or a Federal Employer’s ID number. A detailed description of your business needs to be given as well as your business contact numbers.

Your business location should be approved for zoning before you enter into any real estate contracts.

Los Angeles also offers certain incentives for opening a business in one of their BIZ (business incentive zones).

These incentives may include business expense deductions, lower parking ration, sales or use tax credits, site plan review waivers and many others.

Contact the Community Development Department at (213) 744-7111 to determine whether your business is zone-approved, and whether it may be eligible for any of the incentives offered for the BIZ.

This will depend on the type of business activities that you plan to conduct.

Certain business activities will require additional permits and licenses.

For instance, if you plan to handle food, you may need a health inspection from the Public Health Department and possibly inspections for fire and safety codes.

If you plan to do any business inside the city of Los Angeles, California, you will need to apply for a business tax registration certificate from the Office of Finance.

You can request an application in person by visiting the Office of Finance at 200 North Spring Street, room 101.