” The stunned pastor delivered a clever rejoinder, “I’m a Calgarian, not a Sodomite.” The undeterred Gray rephrased his question: “Do you do buggery?” The meeting chair determined that the questions were not out of order; Greenway was left dangling and the event came to an awkward end.

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The Calgary Chamber of Commerce is one of the city’s oldest institutions – 125 years old this year!

In 1981, it was the regular meeting place of the Knights of the Round Table: a group that has met weekly in Calgary since 1925.

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I myself was not too happy with the fayetteville nc personals.However, access chat internet dating services really does return to gay appleton wi roots.The Knights promote learning through discourse, typically inviting a guest speaker of historical or contemporary interest, and then peppering the speaker with questions.On September 15th, 1981, the questions got more aggressive than usual.The invited speaker was Reverend Lloyd Greenway, from the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), a predominantly gay church and at that time one of seven MCC congregations in Canada.The pastor spoke to the approximately 70 gathered Knights about MCC but the questions afterwards turned hostile. Gray, stood up and asked Greenway: “Do you sodomize?