Thrust forward by the braking action when the vehicle came to a sudden stop, the large concrete pipes stored behind the driver's compartment rammed forward and right through the windscreen, killing the man inside.

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She was dragged along the road for 600 metres during the second truck collision (pictured)The 36-year-old was approached by witnesses after arriving at the supermarket but made no efforts to hand himself in to police before he was tracked to Lilydale's Girraween location, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Her son Nicholas said she had dropped her car in for a service earlier that morning and that while he offered her a lift, she much preferred going for a stroll in the outdoors, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

In one of the most disturbing images from the Los Angeles riots, six black assailants dragged Reginald Denny, a 33-year-old truck driver, out of his truck in South Los Angeles and bashed his head in with a brick. The attack happened shortly after not-guilty verdicts were handed down in the racially charged trial of the police beating of Rodney King, which kicked off six days of rioting that left dozens dead and thousands injured.

About a mile and a half away, Titus Murphy and his then-girlfriend Terri Barnett were watching the Denny attack on live television.

Murphy ran to the passenger side and jumped on the running board; he saw a woman named Lei Yuille comforting Denny inside the cab. ' I didn't know he was thinking the same thing I was thinking.

Just then, a hulking guy named Bobby Green leaped on the running board of the other side. I figured I had to take him on, he figured he had to take me on. I told him I was going to drive the truck and he said, 'I'm a truck driver.' That was the end of that."Green jumped in and drove the massive truck a terrifying three miles to the hospital, with Murphy's girlfriend Barnett guiding the way by driving in the car in front.

The two stared at each other through the windows, each fearing the other was a rioter."I asked him, 'Who are you? Murphy clung to the outside of the truck for the entire journey, feigning to be a rioter by pounding on the outside of the vehicle as if he had taken it for loot."There were cars approaching us and swinging bats and sticks and guns and stuff," he said.

Murphy, who was an unemployed engineer at the time, couldn't believe what he saw."When this gentleman was getting beat something was just telling me this isn't right, this isn't what it's all about," he told Yahoo News 20 years later.

"When he got hit in the head with the brick something told me to go down there.