At first I was embarrassed, but with every application of hot wax, Justine and I became a team.She had me in lots of crazy positions (making a diamond with your legs to give a stranger a full view feels but normal) and I used my hands to help her whenever she asked.At one point, under Justine's sunny, this-is-totally-normal direction, I lifted my legs toward my head. Sure, it was a bit painful, but all of my nerves had dissipated after just a few short minutes. I created a detailed video with all of the things no one will tell you about Brazilians that you can watch here.

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First, find someone who makes you feel comfortable.

Having good chemistry with my wax therapist made my entire experience more pleasant and put some of my body insecurities to rest.

Second, if a salon tries to charge you a “fat fee,” leave right away.

Walking into my first Brazilian wax appointment, I was a ball of nerves. Clearly, I had Before I could think about it any further, a woman named Justine ushered me into a small room.

I’d wanted to try waxing for so long, but convinced myself that my size would prohibit me from having a good experience. I took off my jeans, which hung on the back of the door.

Am I really prepared to let a stranger get acquainted with my nooks and crannies?Within seconds, I was lying on the table, & it held me up just fine.A few sprinkles of baby powder later, we were underway.Justine was kind, explaining everything she was doing as she did it.“Do me a favor and hold tight here,” she said, placing my hands on my lower stomach.I pulled the skin taunt and she swiped the first strip of wax away from my body.