Think of something romantic to write on the card or just write, I love you, and sign your name.

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There is nothing more beautiful than a vase full of these beauties.

There are so many varieties of roses out there that even if you do not get red roses, she will most likely love what you pick. Do it up right and do not wait until the last minute and find your self a nice, local, flower shop to place your order. Only use the ones in the department or grocery store if you know they haven't been sitting there for weeks waiting for someone to buy them.

A flower shop has better storage capabilities and the flowers stay fresher, and they will most likely not have been sitting there forever, either.

You want them to be ultra fresh so they last the longest period of time after you give them to her.

Ladies, do not think that flowers are only for you either.

He may get ribbed for it but have some fun and send your man a bunch of roses to his work place, too.

It may just so happen that he has never received flowers from anyone before and think how special he will feel when he gets some from you celebrating this very romantic day of the year.

What are the best flowers on Valentines for your date?

The first answer to this question is, her favorite.

If you do not know what her favorite is then ask her, she will gladly tell you.

The next answer about flowers on Valentines is another couple of questions: If you have been dating for a long time and the relationship is serious then you need to head straight for the roses.