Animation: Excerpts of Blackarachnia transforming, Optimus Primal turning his head, Optimus Primal landing in beast mode, Megatron glaring, the Maximals together, Optimus Primal at the Oracle, Cheetor turning his head, Blackarachnia opening her eyes, Optimus Primal transforming, Rattrap in beast mode.Toy segment: Two kids face off in a gymnasium, surrounded by cheering friends.Megatron Kid makes threats to the other kid, who whips out Supreme Cheetor.

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Despite the existence of comics, cartoons, and other media intended to advertise Transformers toys, Hasbro has routinely commissioned standard television commercials to promote their current toy lines.

These commercials typically use a combination of animation and live-action film featuring the characters/toys in question.

During the Generation 1 days, animation used in the commercials consisted largely of newly commissioned pieces that told a story.

Since then, nearly all animation featured in Transformers commercials can be classified as either re-used excerpts from the current cartoon or short animations used to merely introduce the ad.

Live-action toy segments have stayed mostly the same, with most US and international ads showing kids (or a pair of hands) transforming the toys.

Japanese ads, by contrast, have shown a much larger preference for stop-motion toy segments.As the goal of any advertising is to influence the viewer into buying the advertised product, Transformers commercials have naturally played a large part in the perception of the Transformers brand.The narration of Victor Caroli, along with the animation, enabled Generation 1 commercials to create the idea of a Transformers world with many stories to be told.The Beast Wars ad campaign created a similar feel of a whole world waiting to be explored but this time with organic beasts.This recurring theme of a huge world of stories has captivated many a Transformers fan and is largely responsible for the brand's rabid fandom.More recently, the massive ad campaigns for the live-action film series and associated merchandise has kept the Transformers brand in the eye of the public, and made the films feel like the blockbuster events they were intended to be.