This was damning to Duggar, as the story of incest and inter-family molestation at the hands of Josh Duggar had just hit the news.

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thought that with time, son Josh Duggar could put his scandalous past behind him, but the Ashley Madison and Ok Cupid porn life is still very much alive, as the man whose likeness Josh Duggar used is now suing him for a form of identity fraud and stealing his image.

Matthew Mc Carthy is suing Josh Duggar for stealing his image for profiles on several dating sites, including the Ashley Madison cheating site.

This theft by Duggar has been especially humiliating for Mc Carthy since Duggar started using the excuse that he cheated on his wife because he was addicted to porn..

It was revealed that Josh Duggar had at least two Ashley Madison accounts, and he used his godmother’s mailing address for each account.

Duggar also linked the information to a fake Facebook account under the name “Joe Smithson.” Josh Duggar used this account to flirt with strippers and lingerie models.

Josh Duggar, an alleged champion of “family values,” has blamed all of his odd behavior, cheating, and acting out on an extreme porn addiction. Public outcry against Josh Duggar led to TLC’s cancellation of is reporting that karma is coming back around to bite Josh Duggar in the butt, as his shady behavior will continue to be revealed to the public with lawsuits and other investigations.

Matthew Mc Carthy, the man behind the image and the lawsuit, is additionally humiliated, as he is a Catholic and truly believes the behavior of Josh Duggar to be against his beliefs and damning to his reputation.

Mc Carthy says that he is hoping for damages, as being embroiled in Josh Duggar’s sordid life has damaged his income.

Josh Duggar, who has admitted to going on various sites to cheat on his wife, is said to have found Mc Carthy’s image by Googling the search phrase “random guy.” Matthew Mc Carthy says that since Duggar dragged him into his sex scandal, some of his DJ gigs have been canceled.

Josh Duggar, a father of four at age 28, was outed by hackers of the Ashley Madison cheating site, whose tagline is “Life is short.

Have an affair.” The email address and images used for the Ashley Madison account were also then linked to the Ok Cupid account.