Lawndale's corrupt, dictatorial, self-aggrandizing principal. A rich young man, Tom first came into Daria's life when he started dating Jane, and at first Daria hated his guts.

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You’re going to need superstars on your roster to win a title, but they won’t always come off the board in the first or second rounds.

Should proven or suspected steroid users, such as Rodriguez, Rogers Clemens or Barry Bonds, be allowed into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

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Jane and Trent's immediate family, which includes their parents Vincent and Amanda, and their siblings Summer, Wind, and Penny.

The latter three Lane children are further examples of Vincent and Amanda's Hands-Off Parenting, and as such they are rarely seen around (or wanting anything to do) with the Lane household.

Penny roams around third world countries trying to launch economic revolutions, Wind's been divorced several times, and Summer is constantly raising money to pay private detectives to find her kids.

Simone Biles captured her first Olympic title when she helped the U. Brazilian women's rugby player Isadora Cerullo melted hearts when she accepted a marriage proposal from her girlfriend at the medals ceremony for the first Olympic rugby sevens competition on Monday.

The 2012 champs won their second successive gold medal with a total of 184.897 points.

Apparently, Tim Tebow is determined to jumpstart his athletic career this year -- not on the football field, but on the diamond.