When an Arab bomber attacks Jews, there is often a SEXUAL motive.Wafa Idris, the first Palestinian Arab woman suicide bomber, had been shamed and shunned by her husband and her own family after a miscarriage in pregnancy, and she was told she could regain “honor” for her family by carrying a bomb into a Jerusalem store on January 27, 2002.There are many such stories among Arab women bombers.

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But the sexual motif was also used by PLO authorities who produced scores of propaganda films encouraging young boys to become suicide bombers so they could get to Paradise where 72 beautiful virgins would greet them with sexual delights.

The Israelis discovered just how demented this could be when a slightly mentally retarded Arab teenager tried to blow himself up at an Israeli checkpoint, but the bomb failed to go off.

When they searched the boy, the Israelis found that he had swathed his genitals in gauze. So don’t be surprised if Arabs murdered the Arab boy in Jerusalem—perhaps for sexual reasons—and tried to pin the crime on Israel as a win-win situation. Michael Widlanski is the author of Battle for Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat, published by Threshold/ Simon and Schuster.

Indeed, several times in the past when Arabs have accused Israel or “settlers” of killing Arabs, it has turned out that Arabs themselves committed the deed, either for “family reasons” or “criminal reasons” such as a turf war between rival businesses or drug dealers.

During the 1987-89 “Intifada” (the first Palestinian war of attrition against Israel), hundreds of Palestinians were killed by other Palestinians under the cover of charges that they were collaborators with Israel, when actually, they were killed for personal or business reasons.

It would not be a surprise to discover that Muhammad Abu Khudair, the 16-year-old Arab found dead near Jerusalem was murdered by Arabs, perhaps because his own family was ashamed by his sexual proclivities (such as homosexuality) or that a rival family was taking revenge against Muhammad’s family for other reasons.

Arabs have been rioting around Jerusalem since PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his Israeli Arab adviser Ahmed Tibi accused Israel of murdering the Arab boy or covering up for “Jewish settlers” who allegedly did so to avenge the murder of three Jewish teenagers kidnapped three weeks ago.

The bodies of the three Jewish teenagers were only found two days ago.

Charges of terror and atrocities by Israel and “settlers” are a propaganda mainstay of PLO chief Abbas, and they were also used by his late predecessor Yasser Arafat.