There are however webcams which transmit a streaming video, which is a picture with a refresh rate of up to 25-30 frames per second. This is the type of webcams that our site presents.These webcams are also called IP-webcams, since each has an IP-address associated with it.Their transmission is a real-time transmission, unlike the so-called "live" webcams which show a static picture taken recently. All webcams presented on our site can easily be found elsewhere (on other sites, blogs, lists etc.) If you think that we are violating any webcam owner copyrights in any way please do let us know and we promptly resolve any issue.

The image presets are reviewed every morning during our morning snow reporting procedures and reviewed throughout the business day as needed.

For peak views and conditions, please refer to our Eagle cam.

The dome enclosure is heated so most snow that hits the dome melts and appears to be rain when it is in fact snowing.

Our cameras run 24 hours a day and automatically updates every 5 minutes with a new image (based on our current connection).

Our system is one camera per location which pans to different areas based on the location presets which we select.

Mount Washington Alpine Resort’s policy is to show images that show something that is clearly visible for this location.Occasionally weather conditions will prevent us from showing more than one or two images due to obscured views.Presently webcams are a part of our everyday's life.They are built in computers, phones, smatrphones, TV sets.They are installed in hotels, subway stations, on streets, in restaurants, laundromats, on beaches and in other various places.Some webcams picture is refreshed once in a few minutes, or - at best - seconds.