Bert and Becca, the Inn keepers were a joy to get to know. Experience the old fashioned concept of Guest Housing at the Rosevine Inn Bed and Breakfast, an excellent alternative to the ordinary hotel routine.

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Every thing about the trip was enjoyable, due in no small part to Bert and Becca. You can tell these folks have been in the biz for over 20 years and have it down pat.

We continue to stay at Rosevine whenever we go to Tyler. Only 1 suggestion - make the beds a little more comfortable. Only way to accomplish this is with a sleep number bed.

You could see they were taking care of things as the day progressed but accomplished it in a "ghostly" manner. This is a B&B regardless of the weather you can entertain yourself on site with absolutely no problem.

What we enjoyed most was you didn't see much of the innkeepers except at breakfast.

Stephen & Kim I booked a surprise birthday weekend in Tyler for my wife (to see the Tigers at Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge) and we had a really terrific experience at the Rosevine. The Barn is charming and includes games and other sunny and rainy day activities within it.

You might be surprised at first to see how close the Inn is to the main road (Front Street), but once you're on the property, it DOES feel secluded. The Innkeeper Bert also lit the outdoor smokey fireplace and kept the bubble machine blowing.

We stayed in the Sherlock Holmes Suite and had the same great experience that others have shared within Trip Advisor -- from the Old English decor, to the charm of the old music on the radio, to the search for the hidden prize (a lot of fun! We also enjoyed having breakfast served in our room each morning. And best of all was the outdoor hot tub which we were able to use at will.

Most of all, you'll appreciate the hospitality of Bert and Rebecca. We had menus on the table waiting for us to look through, so dinner in a unfamiliar town would not be a shot in the dark.

They were extremely helpful in providing restaurant recommendations prior to my arrival -- and were easily accessible in the main house or by cell phone. In terms of constructive feedback:-We had trouble keeping the shower curtain at bay during the high pressure shower (could probably use sliding shower doors)-It was challenging the keep the temperature in the entire Suite at a comfortable level-The bed was not as firm as we normally like Despite these minor issues, we were very happy staying at the Rosevine -- you won't be disappointed! Bert and Rebecca really cater to your every need and the atmosphere and food are great! Rosevine Inn is a quaint, beautiful, thought-out place to get away. Everything one might need was available without having to ask.