So if you want to take your date out shopping, this may be the gift to give. This gift contains implicit and deep meaning, so unless you’re really generous and are intending to splurge, we suggest you stay clear of this one. Spa Treatment: Besides shopping, girls (and guys) love going to the Spa.

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So what exactly do each of the Virtual Gifts really mean or imply?

You can all let your imagination run wild with dating ideas, but here’s a guide you can go by: A Dozen Roses: Red, beautiful, romantic … Who would have imagined that over 70% of the gifts given by Generous members so far on Whats Your is the rose. Airplane Tickets: If your date is a long distance one, and you’re willing to pay for her airplane tickets, this gift would serve perfectly.

it sends a powerful message of love and admiration. Perhaps you’re looking for a travel companion, or you’d like to communicate a life with you would be filled with fun, adventure and excitement of travel to exotic places?

For about five credits, Generous members can now send a virtual gift with their offer or email to Attractive members. First, it allows Generous members to stand out from the crowd by showing he or she is serious about the other person.

Second, given communication is restricted or limited until there is an accepted offer, Virtual Gifts provides a method of communicating expectations and present dating ideas.

Third, a Virtual Gift is simply a nice way to show you’re generous.Once received and accepted, Virtual Gifts appear on an Attractive member’s profile (the Attractive member does have the privacy option of hiding all their Virtual Gifts from showing).Movie & Popcorn: The classic movie and pop-corn gift may say that’s what you want to do on your first date, but perhaps it has a deeper meaning?You’re simple and down to earth, or that there’s no pressure or expectations.Everyone loves going to the movie, so you just can’t go wrong with this gift.Shopping Bags: If there is one thing most girls love, it is shopping!