A second Destrehan High School teacher has been arrested in connection with allegations of sexual misconduct with a student.Rachel Respess, 24, of Kenner turned herself over to authorities Wednesday around a.m., according to her attorney, Jeffrey Smith.Authorities say she and another teacher had a sexual encounter with a 16-year-old student.

That's when everything - the investigation - begins," Smith said.

Kenner Police Chief Michael Glaser has scheduled a 3 p.m.

news conference to discuss the latest developments in the case.

There is nothing wrong with a 18 yr old and a 16 yr dating... that would be a different story and its called "Statutory Rape"...

Another teacher, Shelley Dufresne, 32, was arrested Tuesday.

Dufresne, who lives in Montz, was booked with carnal knowledge of a juvenile and released on a 0,000 bond. Charles Sheriff's Office said Dufresne is accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with the student at a residence in Montz earlier this month. Authorities said they were tipped the allegations on Friday (Sept.26), when school system officials told the Sheriff's Office a male student was "bragging to other students that he was having a sexual relationship with teachers." St.Charles authorities said the investigation includes the Kenner Police Department. "All I'm trying to do right now is getting her booked and bonded out.I have a job to start in September, the school has now offered a post to my wife also 2 children to take along, the school say no problem for my 15 yr old daughter, but many problems in getting permission for my near 17 yr old son, to come and start his college course...Has anyone else every tried to take there 17 yr old son with them, and if so did it work ok?Hi Blue Cat, thanks for that, so to be clear, my employer don't need to sort his visa, I can do that and as he would have completed 1 year of a 2 year program of study (A levels) the college he is attending will be able to arrange an Educational visa, is that correct?